Pack Mat Pack Mat

Pack Mat creates a more stable and comfortable stall base and reduces sand usage. With just sand bedding, the neck rail and brisket board is in the right spot for only part of the bedding cycle.

Pack Mat reduces this variation as well as preventing the cows from digging holes. Cows find it easier to get up.

The rubber crumb filled mattress provides a resilient base below the cow's front knees to absorb the shock when she lies down. This is important, as packed sand can be quite hard! Pack Mat's surface is flexible providing excellent traction and sure footing

All the BENEFITS of sand without the headaches!!!

Pack Mat

Pack MatPack Mat

  • Reduces sand-laden manure
  • Is softer than 8" of sand
  • Prevents cows from digging
  • Reduces sand usage 50 to 80% - Sand goes 2 to 5 times further!
  • Maintains consistent neck rail height off bedding surface
  • Stalls always look freshly manicured
  • Will never compact or freeze

Pack MatPack Mat>

<LI>Cows can act natural like in Pasture
<LI>Dimensions NEVER change
<LI>Cows are indexed correctly to keep stalls clean
<LI>No more raking stalls
<LI>ANY deep pack material can be used
<LI>No more piles of sand affecting lunge room

<CENTER><h3><font face=Pack Mat combines the comfort and sure footing of Pasture Mat, with the hock friendliness of sand.

Comfort ZonePack Mat

Cows cannot dig out the front of the stalls with Pack Mat, so there is no negative slope in stalls because the stall dimensions are stable, cows get up and down without struggling, reducing the stress level and reducing the amount of sand kicked out of the stall.
Pack Mat is a multi-celled mattress filled with rubber crumb and protected by a durable-wear skin. Its yielding surface does not allow sand to compact, resulting in a softer bed.

Pack Mat stabilizes the stall prevents 'head down' cow positioning. Pack Mat® is designed to fit into new and existing sand stalls

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Poly Pillow

Poly Pillow
Pack Mat in action

Poly Pillow is a soft, plastic arch that replaces concrete or wooden brisket barriers. Its gentle curves allow cows to step ahead on rising and permit natural leg extensions while lying down. It keeps the cow from moving too far ahead in the stalls and allows natural lying positions.

Ask your Dealer of more details on installing the Poly Pillow(tm) in a Pack Mat stall.

  • Owners report:
  • Sand savings of 50 to 80%!
  • Better stall acceptance!
  • Fresh cows drain better!
  • Cows get up and down easier!
  • Stalls are easier to clean!