ventilation VES Environmental Solutions, LLC (VES) understands the needs and concerns of the dairy, poultry and swine farmers, industrial facilities and greenhouses. VES is a forward thinking company with innovative products and designs. Our systems ensure the best ventilation and application comfort in the world. As our name outlines, we provide environmental solutions for a broad range of applications. We take the time to meet with the customer and discuss what they would like to accomplish with a new or renovated building. The VES systems and products will turn your facility into an environmental solution fit for a world class operation. Our system focuses on key elements that guarantee an immediate and long term return.


VES Environmental Solutions, LLC. is North America’s leader in cow comfort and environmental solutions for the modern dairy farmer. Our environmental systems allow you to bring mother nature into your building. Our cow comfort solutions include creating velocity for cow cooling, air exchange to provide an oxygen rich building, control lighting levels, ambient temperature drop and all of these systems are controlled with one of the most reliable management systems.

Our fans are some of the most efficient and innovative in the world. Our innovative designs and energy efficiencies are providing many farmers with a 1-2 year payback on investment. VES welcomes you to check out the next generation of ventilation.

One of our most versatile products is the 50" and 72" CYCLONE variable horizontal ventilator.

Pasture Mat

This high efficiency variable speed drive fan is a one of a kind in the world today. The 72" heavy aluminium 6 paddle blade produces in excess of 80,000 CFM of air movement while using only 2.2 KW of power on high speed and 300 watts on low.

Traditional ceiling fans from 56" to 24’ slowly push the hot air from the ceiling down to the floor. The 72" CYCLONE can do this on low speed and then it does something wonderful as the speed increases, it creates air velocity for maximum air throw and cooling (something other large ceiling fans cannot do)



    * Corrosion resistant fiberglass housing.
    * Heavy duty pulley and bearing assembly.
    * Maintenance free motor.
    * Quick change belt.
    * Can be mounted on steel post, building column or suspended from the ceiling (all optional mounts).
    * Optional variable frequency drive.
    * 6 directional air flow deflectors.
    * Balanced heavy duty corrosion resistant 6 paddle aluminium blade.
    * Shipped fully assembled, except for air foil deflectors
    * Can reduce heating and cooling cost up to 50%.

Cyclone Fans


Download the Cyclone Brochure , click here.

Pasture Mat

VES Environmental Solutions, LLC. Panel Fan is the first 52? panel fan designed specifically for the dairy industry. After years of research and development we introduce a fan that is focused on cow comfort, energy efficiency along with easy installation and low maintenance. The injection cast aluminum or heavy gauge galvanized airfoil designed blades create optimum air throw for high velocity cooling. Extremely energy efficient motors power the blades while using the minimum amount of electricity. Our deep drawn venturi is made of heavy galvanized steel for strength.


  • 52" Fan BESS LAB Certified
  • High velocity air pattern transfers the electrical energy from the motor into a concentrated powerful air stream. Creating optimum cow cooling, insect control, drying of the bedding under the cow and improved employee comfort.
  • Cooler cows have better feed and water to milk conversions, along with a higher fertility rate during hot summer days. Although some heat stressed cows never recover their potential for milk production
  • Exchanges air in open and curtain sided buildings.
  • Reduced energy cost when compared to low efficiency panel and basket fans.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Balanced Cast Aluminum blades strong enough to stand up to flying barn birds. Also available in balanced galvanized blades.
  • Energy efficient and maintenance free 1 HP motor available in single and three phase dual voltage.
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • Deep drawn heavy gauge venture panel.
  • Balanced pulley and belt combination.
  • Automatic belt tensioner.
  • Optional wall mount allows the fan to pivot horizontally and vertically.

Panel fans

Download the Panel Fans Brochure , click here.